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These Established Tech Giants Could Be Worth A Look

Throughout 2013, the Dow reached a new all time high multiple times. With this type of a bull market, investors begin to struggle to find stocks that they can “buy low” and eventually “sell high”. Although valuations are continually rising, business prospects in America have been improving as well, as many companies increase their earnings. In this article, I will give two examples of stocks that still have room to grow: Apple and Cisco.

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Ebix’s Stock Has Been Badly Mistreated By The Market

Investment Thesis

Ebix Inc. (EBIX) has a strong competitive position, encouraging growth opportunities, and an attractive valuation. Now might not be a bad time to buy.

Company Overview

Ebix provides software and e-commerce products to companies in the insurance industry. It has customers in more than 50 countries across 6 continents. Ebix, founded in 1976 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, currently has over 1,900 full time employees. The company makes its money through providing data exchanges, broker systems, business process outsourcing (BPO), and carrier systems. Overall, the company aims to simplify the insurance industry by improving the seamless flow of information and data between and within companies.

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How To Invest When The Market Is At All Time Highs

The Dow Jones is currently around 14,500 and has hit multiple all time highs in the past few weeks. Now this does, of course, mean that this bull market has made many investors happy. Simply put, it also means that stocks have never been this expensive. For many investors, buying at a low price and possessing a margin of safety is a critical factor. Right now, it is no secret that margins of safety are low. It is not a matter of if, but when the much anticipated correction will come. With these worries looming in the back of many minds, people are struggling to find out how to invest in our current situation.

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Investing Basics: Three Common Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. But have you ever thought about why? One likely reason is that the more you try, the more you fail. And these failures give you an opportunity to learn and grow. Unfortunately, even the most experienced investors often forget the knowledge and wisdom they have acquired over the years. To ensure optimal return on investments, it is good to regularly review investing basics, determine the principles of a good investment, and adjust your current beliefs if necessary. It would surprise you to see just how often we let our emotions get to us and lose track of our goals and plans for reaching them. Here are a few points that beginners and experts alike can benefit from:

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